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“Your time to shine has arrived Jones.” “I appreciate it so much Chief, I promise you there is no way in which I can let you down.” “We already discuss it with the board, we trust you Jones. We analyzed your whole record history, starting four years ago when you were first recruited to this Secrete Teen Agent Institution. You are now one of our top agents, and definitely the perfect match for this important mission. However, you can’t let anyone know your real identity, if they do so, your life will be in danger. Keep in mind that those guys are dangerous people Becky. Do not underestimate them just because they are not scary bald men as you are used to fight, but high school students, just like you. Whatever happens, remember that we trust …show more content…

However, normal is not an accurate word to describe her life. At the age of thirteen she was recruited into the STAI, Secrete Teen Agent Institution of Washington DC. A secrete boarding school where more than learning the alphabet from A to Z, kids learn to use guns and spying tools. Teenagers are transformed into secrete agents and solve criminal cases. Becky is one of the best agents forming part of the institution; her cunning and amazing skills never fail grabbing everyone by surprise. Whenever there is a concerning crime, Rebecca Jones is the right girl to solve …show more content…

According to everyone he is the kidnapper. Which might be just a presumption, but I found it particularly suspicious because besides the fact that Jacob is a pervert and the meanest person I’ve ever met… I say it from my own personal experience in the past. I also heard his father just abandoned his house, leaving his mother, a housewife alone with five children, including him, with no money. Therefore, I concluded that he would definitely not mind to make a prostitution club for money. It is an easy way out of his financial problem. Indeed, I’m sure he wouldn’t care kidnapping a few girls for his own wellbeing. He is one of the most egocentrically, narcissist and selfish person I’ve ever met. He only cares about himself and would dare to do anything to obtain what he wants.” “I knew you would not disappoint me. Great job Becky girl, but why haven’t you gone after him yet?”, asked the chief. “Well that’s a great question. Unfortunately throughout the seven days of school I’ve attend to, I haven’t had the chance to share any class with

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