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James Jones Final Draft A Golden Glove boxing champion, an army serviceman,and one of the most talented authors of who ever walked the earth, who even experienced Pearl Harbor first-hand is James Jones. James Jones was born into poverty. While in poverty, He did not go to college, he served in the army (Friedman). After his time with the army was done, he wrote books about his wartime experience. James Jones was one of the most famous authors of all time.
James Ramon Jones was born on Nov. 6 1921 (Britannica). He was the son of Ramon Jones, a dentist (Fandango). He was born in Robinson ILL, during the Great Depression in a family that experienced a lot of poverty (Friedman). James Jones learned to box in high school, competing in Golden Glove tournaments. He had planned to go to college, however his family did not have enough money, so he enlisted in the army (Britannica). He served in the army from 1939 to 1943, a four year term (Britannica). He was present in Hawaii when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (Britannica). He was stationed in New York, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, and California before he was transferred to Hawaii. James Jones spent the rest of his life …show more content…

It is about a serviceman who dies shortly after war broke out in the Pacific (Britannica). His Second novel, Second Came Running was published in 1958 along with The Pistol, and The Thin Red Line, In 1963 (Britannica). He used his Wartime Experiences in all of his books (Britannica). None of his later works attracted the public attention that his first novel had (Britannica). He used his knowledge of day-to-day life in the military for his first novel (Britannica). He also wrote about himself serving in the Army. James Jones wrote mostly war books, most of them became movies. However, Willie Morris finished his last book The Whistle because died before he could finish it

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