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  • Civil War Women

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    The Civil war brought large amounts of despair for people of both the North and the South. However, women during this time period were subject to a new sense of opportunity that would that would influence many to become leaders and take on important roles both on and off the battlefield. On the battle field many women were nurses and helped take care of soldiers who were wounded while others actually fought in the war disguised as men. Furthermore, women had important roles besides helping on the

  • Civil War Dbq

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    There are many reasons why the Civil War had started. The main, the biggest reason the Civil war started was because of slavery. The Southerners were afraid that slavery was going to be put to an end. The Civil war had started because of slavery. The Southerners became afraid that their new president Abraham Lincoln a Republican was going to put an end to slavery. The video states that Abraham Lincoln did not like slavery and he was thinking of ways to get rid of it for good. Another reason

  • Civil War Definition

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    1 Civil War David H Mann HIS/155 Staci Anson April 29, 2017 What do you think Foote meant in the passage quoted above? How does the Civil War define the United States? TheCivil War is considered to be one of the most significant events in American history. Even though, the war was the reason of destruction for many Americans, this Civil War made it possible for America to convert the country into Unified States and also made USA, the most powerful country in the whole world. Civil War became the

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The civil war started on April 12,1861 at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. It all started when the union soldiers got bombarded at Fort Sumter.. One of the main reasons for the Civil War was the disagreement between freedom and slave states. The north against the south was another name for it. A Civil War is when a country fights against each other. The north wanted to keep the country together as whole. The south wanted to keep slaves. There were about 2,128,948 united soldiers that went to

  • Civil War Patriotism

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    The American Civil War: Patriotism, Prosperity and Potato Chips Joe America was sitting in his refrigerated meat truck eating his peanut butter and potato chip sandwich. All of a sudden, a driver behind Joe did not realize the traffic light was red and accidentally smashed into the back of the truck and cracked his head open. Luckily a hospital was nearby to give the man a much needed blood transfusion. None of the above would have happened if the North lost the Civil War. It was an African

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The Civil War, from 1861-1864, was a collection of brutal battles between the North and South as a result of their sectional differences. Although the North won the military victory against the South, the South was able to keep many of its policies in place after the Civil War. During the Reconstruction Period, 1865-1877, it was evident that the South won the Civil War in many ways because of their political and social policies that they implemented or kept in place. While the 13th through 15th amendments

  • Civil War Dbq

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    A civil war is one fought between two sides of the same country. In the American Civil War of 1861, the sides were the North vs the South. It was started because the South, or the Confederates, wanted to fight for state's’ rights and the North, or the Union, wanted to abolish slavery. The war lasted a long four years on many different battle fields. From Washington D.C to Florida, the Civil War was one of the bloodiest in US history. Several conflicts led to the Civil War. One being the expansion

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The civil war of the United States emerged from the differences between the southern and northern states. Differences in the way they interpreted the economy, politics and slavery. This war brought sacrifice, pain and many deaths for both sides. At one point the Americans wanted to tell their story, each side had its own version. Since the thirteen colonies were separated from Great Britain, the congress created the document Articles of the Confederation. These documents held that each state would

  • Civil War Dbq

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    From Lincoln’s strong opinion about slavery to his actions leading to the war, Abraham Lincoln is the president most responsible for the Civil War. The Civil War was a battle over slavery and tariffs. While the North hoped to abolish slavery, the south wanted to continue it. The South knew Lincoln was against slavery, and he was the first president to strongly oppose the extension of slavery. After Lincoln was elected president, the South was outraged since they knew he was a threat to the economic

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The Civil war was fought in the United States of America between the Northern and Southern states starting from 1861 ending in 1865. The civil war was the most significant time in the history of America. The civil war was to be thought of shaping the American individual. The northerner’s view of this war was a revolutionary war. The southerner’s view of this war was a rebellion. This war did start with the many differences between the northern and southern states. Between these two regions laid economic

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The United States Civil War was a major event that had occurred in the country because it changed the United States in many ways such as the ban of slavery, equal voting rights, citizenship for those that are born in the United States, technology advancement, better medical care, and equal rights for all. The civil war was guaranteed to happen because of the fact that the North and the South were two different partitions. They were the complete opposite from each other because the North was more

  • Civil War Dbq

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    Civil War ended in 1865 and had positive and negative consequences. It paved the way for the fast development of commercialism and industrialization in all areas of the economy: industry, agriculture, trade. It saved the national unity of the country. This period was marked by strong development of economic as well as social and political spheres of the United States and Mark Twain accurately named this era the "Gilded Age". The development of the American industry led to the increase of the per

  • Civil War Dbq

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    During the Civil War, different groups thought different things about why the war was being fought. The North mostly fought for reunification while the South fought to save slavery. Lincoln, who was President at the time, began the war with one set of beliefs and eventually won the war with another. Lincoln’s focus for the war changed from reunification to the abolition of slavery. During the first year of the Civil War, the reunification of the United States was the only goal of the war. In the year

  • Civil War Dbq

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    Throughout the course of the Civil War, Southerner’s felt as if the North was impending upon state’s rights and their way of life, which was based on slavery, was put at risk by the Union . At different points in the war, Southerners felt that the Union posed a bigger threat than before, especially after Abraham Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation speech. The Civil War was not only fought by free Americans, but as times changed, enslaved people also took up arms alongside the Union and fought

  • Civil War Dbq

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    growing with industrialization while the South used agricultural methods to profit. There are three main causes that ignited the civil war are slavery, expansion of the Americas, and Secession. These 3 elements made the fire of war grow exponentially where immediate action must be taken to put out the raging fire. Both North and South could have avoided the devastating Civil War if both regions tried to tie together their political, economic, and social differences so they can coexist with one another

  • Civil War Dbq

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    the ideals and specific principles that America has been based upon since the foundation of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. This culminated in a full-fledged civil war between the union and eleven southern states that had seceded from the union to form the confederacy. While the primary cause of the Civil War was slavery, the period before and the

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The Civil War started in 1861 due to multiple disagreements over the Morality of slavery, States Rights, lack of good leadership and economic Interests. These four causes are controversial, North and South both have a different reasons to why it was started. For example North was justified on this war because they wanted to abolish slavery to end inhumane treatment, but the south wanted to defend their views. They had to determine the survival of the United States of America as it defeated the offer

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The years leading up to the Civil War were filled with great tension between the North and the South. Unfortunately after the result of the Kansas- Nebraska Act of 1854 it became clear to many Americans that the tension between the north and the south no longer had a resolution. The defining moment that solidified the war’s inevitability was in 1860. This year is significant because of the Election of 1860 which placed Abraham Lincoln into power. Now that Lincoln was president it gave southern sates

  • Civil War Dbq

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    The Civil War was many battles all together that caused extreme changes. The Battle of Gettysburg, for example, was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War with over 50,000 casualties. The Gettysburg Address was a speech said by Lincoln which stated the battle of Gettysburg and many things he wanted for the country. The Civil War was in the middle of when women didn’t have rights` in the country. Slavery was also the reason for the start of the Civil War . This also leads to showing how bad it

  • Civil War Amendments

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    The Civil War was the worst war fought on American soil to this day. Instead of working together to form one Union, the south wanted to govern them. The Civil War is considered a “Lost Cause”. This began the Reconstruction Era. Three very important amendments, known as the Reconstruction Amendment, were adapted. The Thirteenth Amendment was ratified in 1865. This amendment abolished slavery and the blacks were now free men. Before this time slave marriages were not recognized. After the emancipation