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  • Civil War Women

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    The Civil war brought large amounts of despair for people of both the North and the South. However, women during this time period were subject to a new sense of opportunity that would that would influence many to become leaders and take on important roles both on and off the battlefield. On the battle field many women were nurses and helped take care of soldiers who were wounded while others actually fought in the war disguised as men. Furthermore, women had important roles besides helping on the

  • Civil War Amendments

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    The Civil War was the worst war fought on American soil to this day. Instead of working together to form one Union, the south wanted to govern them. The Civil War is considered a “Lost Cause”. This began the Reconstruction Era. Three very important amendments, known as the Reconstruction Amendment, were adapted. The Thirteenth Amendment was ratified in 1865. This amendment abolished slavery and the blacks were now free men. Before this time slave marriages were not recognized. After the emancipation

  • Causes Of The Civil War

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    What caused the Civil War? There are key points on why James Ford Rhodes’s opinion, "There is a risk of referring any historical event to a single cause . . . [But] of the American Civil War it may be safely asserted that there was a single cause, slavery,” is most accurate. Confederate states’ secession led up to the declaration of the Civil War. Slavery in many ways caused the the Southern states to secede. The pro-slavery states’ profits were earned with the labor of slaves. The North invented

  • Civil War Dbq

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    From 1840 to 1861 the Civil War was unavoidable and was fought due to many circumstances at the time. Two of the main circumstances that helped build up tension and eventually led up to the Civil War was a failure of leadership and extremism on both sides, known as the South and the North. In document 1, it says how it was the abolitionist fault for pushing these ideologies that slavery was wrong and that the abolitionist attempted to agitate and they did agitate the north to go against slavery

  • Civil War Tactics

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    applies in the case of the Civil War, the bigger your army, the bigger the chance you have at victory. Casualties were at an all time high and the Union and Confederacy scrambled to protect their troops. The Civil War’s staggering number of casualties accounted for calculated tactics, the troublesome lives of civilians and the emergence of proper medical practice in a race to win, and in doing so caused an abundance of trauma for almost everyone in the nation. Fighting in a war is all about tactics and

  • Civil War Definition

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    1 Civil War David H Mann HIS/155 Staci Anson April 29, 2017 What do you think Foote meant in the passage quoted above? How does the Civil War define the United States? TheCivil War is considered to be one of the most significant events in American history. Even though, the war was the reason of destruction for many Americans, this Civil War made it possible for America to convert the country into Unified States and also made USA, the most powerful country in the whole world. Civil War became the

  • Civil War Effects

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    The Civil War was one of the most turning points for the nation. The Civil War tore apart the nation into two divisions and turned their backs on each others. The Civil War was a battle between the two sides of the nation, the North and the South. The ones that stood against slavery and equal rights. The other side was most of the slave owners who fought against equal rights and not allowing slavery. Many sources such as the Gettysburg Address, by Lincoln and the speech Ain’t I a Woman? By Sojourner

  • Civil War DBQ

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    The Civil War was a dark time in America’s history. Many causes led up to the gruesome fight that affected America forever. The North and South’s animosity created a large gap between the two. Eventually the South seceded, breaking the union. They became the Confederacy, and the North and South began to anticipate a horrific battle. The Civil war lasted four ghastly years. These years were also four of the bloodiest years America has ever seen. The country, that had once gone into an era of good

  • Civil War Losers

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    The American Civil war was fundamentally fought over the emancipation of the slaves, thus when the war ended the Southerners became the losers of the war. However when President Johnson was left to reconstruct his country after Lincoln’s assassination, the Southern white men prevailed the winners as they were brought back into a society that treated them as the superior. For the North the civil war was a fight to keep together a country that had been rapidly falling apart, while for the south,

  • Civil War Patriotism

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    The American Civil War: Patriotism, Prosperity and Potato Chips Joe America was sitting in his refrigerated meat truck eating his peanut butter and potato chip sandwich. All of a sudden, a driver behind Joe did not realize the traffic light was red and accidentally smashed into the back of the truck and cracked his head open. Luckily a hospital was nearby to give the man a much needed blood transfusion. None of the above would have happened if the North lost the Civil War. It was an African

  • Civil War Disunion

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    place that triggered disunion of the United States and start of the Civil War. Some decades only consist of one key event while other decades consist of a few. With the disunion separating the North and the South, each side had different opinions on why they were fighting a war, either because they were pro slavery or anti-slavery. All of the following events are significant because they added fuel to the fire, instigating the Civil War. Slavery was on a decline before an invention came along. Eli Whitney

  • Civil War Causes

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    Introduction: The Civil War is definitely the bloodiest battle fought in the history of America. As a result the war ended and halted many years of slavery in the country, and it also made a great deal of many political and social changes. Although slavery was the major cause, so to speak, it was definitely not the only cause of the Civil War. The causes of the war were several sequences of events, including slavery that was started long before the first shot was ever fired. In particular the attribute

  • Civil War Reconstruction

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    The period right after the civil war can be characterized as an active period, fraught with policy and action with the purpose to consolidate the nation. Congress and the president of the united states approached this reconstruction era differently. New definitions for the status of African Americans arose from the ashes of the war, quantified by the ratification of the 13th 14th and 15th amendments. Consequently, there was a adverse southern reaction to this change that led to several antiblack

  • Civil War Advantages

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    at the beginning of the Civil War. How did the advantages of each side change over the course of the war? Both the North and the South had those own advantages throughout the war. For example, the North had a larger population and an industrialized society. On the other hand, the South had better generals, the advantage of knowing the fighting terrain, and only needed to fight defensively. All of these advantages played a major role in the eventual outcome of the war. Likewise, the North’s railroad

  • Civil War Certitude

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    The beginning of the Civil War marked an objective not originally to free the slaves, but to merely preserve the union. Lincoln 's original goal was simply to save the country. He outwardly proclaimed, as did Congress, that he had no intention of defeating previously established institutions. As Congress and President Lincoln continued to deny that they will emancipate the slaves, the certitude still remains that everyone in this divided country is calling for something to be done concerning slavery

  • Civil War Gender Roles

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    in the American Civil War, women were left behind to take care of the remaining members of the family. “It was in the home that woman’s influence was paramount and her position assured.” For some women, this was enough, however, there were others who were not satisfied with this idea, and felt as though they were meant to become something more. However, there were some opportunities for women to step outside of the social customs and gender roles of the time. In fact, “the Civil War dramatically tested

  • Weapons In The Civil War Essay

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    The Civil War was the deadliest war for the United States. Over 600,000 soldiers were killed between the two sides. The Confederacy and the Union were the two sides who were fighting, mostly over slavery. Each side had different strategies about fighting, therefor their military style was different. Both sides used different weapons and had different fighting tactics. Weapon advancement had a huge impact the war and its outcome. Weapons and strategies used during the Civil War lead to massive casualties

  • The Major Causes Of The Civil War

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    The Civil War was one of the bloodiest wars on American soil. The Civil War lasted four years; from 1861 to 1865. This war effected our nation tremendously. Just like effects there was many causes that led to the Civil War; Abraham Lincoln, the expansion of slavery, and states rights. The election of 1860 is a major event that caused the Civil War. The election of Abraham Lincoln was a direct cause of the secession of 11 states beginning with South Carolina. Those 11 states formed the Confederate

  • Civil War Women Essay

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    “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today” (Basler). Not only does this collection of words seem to inspire many today, but it reflects the thoughts of southern women throughout the Civil War. Although modern women are very close to having equal rights, the feelings of southern women during the civil war differed from those of whom live now. Since the southern belles were not respected the way that modern women are today, matters were taken into the hands of each brave woman during the time

  • Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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    The Civil War was a war between the North and South of the United States. There was many causes of the Civil War. The Civil Wat, which was fought between the Union States (the North) and the Confederate (the South) was fought over the debate of slavery. The main cause of the war was slavery. The North didn’t agree with the idea of slavery unlike the South that did. The South said they were going to leave the Union because they wanted to have slavery. The reason the South wanted to have slavery