Sectionalism And The Civil War

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Sectionalism is the belief that some groups of people, who share certain cultural, economic, and geographic realities, form distinct sections and allegiances within a broader polity. It started way before the Civil War and persisted long after it ended. The Civil War began because of the North and South’s conflicts. It was the clearest illustration of sectionalism in the United States. The slavery issue in the South only had a relatively minor impact on the Southerners. They wanted to determine its political inclinations. The smaller farmsteads had more of an advantage in the North due to the land and the environment. This made it easier for the slaves in the North because they didn’t have such a big piece of the plantation as the South did. …show more content…

Some political practice that caused the Civil War was the election of Abraham Lincoln. Another issue that caused the Civil War was John Brown’s attack on Harper’s Ferry in 1859, it heated arguments over the Fugitive Slave Act, and President Buchanan’s refusal to mediate between the North and South. In the South, slavery had firmly established itself, which used slaves for the arduous physical labor involved in farming. The North was more urbanized, slaves and indentured laborers were more frequently employed as servants or artisans. The southern states gained an enormous amount of money off slaves and cotton, while the northern states did not need slaves. The South had to fight the war to maintain them, and the North fought the war to free them. Many African Americans' motivation to take part in the civil rights movement came from their faith. The North joined forces politically with abolitionists and politicians to eradicate slavery, using religion as a tool to condemn it and label it a moral evil. In the South, in terms of religion, they utilized religion to defend the practice of slavery, quoting many passages from the bible to support their viewpoints. All of these are causes that started the Civil War. Most of the Civil War was caused by the North and South having different sides on things. The North wanted to do what they wanted to do their way and the South did theirs how they wanted. That’s why there was constant fighting over the expansion of slavery between the North and

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