What Is The Turning Point Of The Civil War Dbq

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The Civil War was a turning point in American history that made many different viewpoints between the North and the South. The Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery and state’s rights. Since the Civil War lasted about four years, there were many conclusions and points of view. The North and the South both had their goals, advantages, issues, blames, and battles. In just one day you will learn about the similarities and differences between the North and South during the Civil War and political factors that shaped these two regions and their respective roles in the conflicts. The main conflicts that lead to the Civil War were disagreements over states’ rights, economic differences, and slavery. Slavery was what was being centered to the North. Their goal was to put an end to slavery once and for all. Northerners supported the Civil War as a way to end slavery, promote the Union, and also to promote democracy. Northerners also generally had mixed feelings about the south. Many believed that the South was being selfish and trying to preserve slavery. On the other hand, some had sympathy for the South and claimed that they were being …show more content…

They thought that the Civil War was a fight for states’ rights and their way of life. Their goal was to gain independence. Southerns believed that they were being treated unfairly by the North and that their economic and political power was being threatened. According to Document 2, it states, “...They have robbed us of our property, they have murdered our citizens while endeavoring to reclaim that property by lawful means...” This above quote explains how they blamed the Union/ the North for many things and wanted to get revenge. The South did also have advantages such as the ability to produce all the food it needed and most of the experienced military officers were southerners, so it was easier to get a great one. Altogether, the South just wanted independence and a fair

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