Civil War Dbq Essay

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The South's secession from the Union was a big moment in American history. While there were many other issues occurring during this time, succession is the primary cause of the civil war. The civil war happened between 1861 and 1865. The civil war had the United States split into the North aka the Union and the South. The South wanted to keep the slaves that they had to work on their farms but the Union and non-slave states wanted to abolish slavery. When the South heard that slavery was going to be abolished they succeeded from the Union and a war over territory and power occurred. Secession was not the main cause of the civil war because southern states felt they had the rights protected by the states to own slaves. Some, however, may argue that succession was the main cause of the civil war because the North was not willing to work with the South because the North was against slavery. …show more content…

The south was doing great economically because they had slave labor. They were doing even better than the North was doing. According to James Henry Hammond, it states, “the United States exported in round numbers of $279,000,000 worth of domestic goods … of this amount $158,000,000 worth of goods is the clear produce of the south” (Doc B). This quote shows how good the South was economic. They were able to do so well economically because they did not have to pay for labor like the North was. The South had used slaves to its advantage by not paying them and they were able to have huge profits by doing this. The North was threatening the South's economy by trying to end slavery. Slavery and economic issues were a big part of the cause of the civil war but some would argue

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