Civil War Secession

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The Civil War is one of the most important and crucial crisis in US history. Many southern states starting with South Carolina were angry with the federal government at the time so they decided to secede from the union. An underlying cause behind secession were the restrictions on slavery including the ban on the importation of slaves and the attempted banning of slavery in new territories. The north’s reason for fighting was different though, President Lincoln declared it was illegal to secede from the union even if the state decided to in a democratic election. The North had also wanted to keep the farms and ports in the south in order to increase trading. All of the military bases and ports in the south also provided an opportunity for…show more content…
The generals in the north knew that losing the entire south section of the nation would cripple their military strength. The first battle of the war was in fact fought over a military base, Fort Sumter and even though there wasn’t any casualties the north new that to keep the nation they had to keep fighting (6). All the military bases where to protect the harbors nearby also lincoln knowing the ports would play an ever increasing role in the economic success of the country. The Military strength the nation would have lost would have been a greater loss than the war itself. The united states navy was also starting to come into shape at the time so the loss of the ports would have been devastating to the navy. The fear of losing major military strength was one of the many reasons the north fought in the civil…show more content…
While acts like the Kansas- Nebraska act's eventually led to the start of the civil war there were many more underlying causes. The North wanted to keep all of its Military strength in the south because the generals knew they would be a weaker nation without the bases. The economic strength of the south was another reason the North fought in the civil war, the North wanted to maintain the ports in the south for increased trade and the tax money that would go into the government. Nationalism was the final reason the North fought in the civil war because they took it as an insult that the south was seceding from the union. The North fought in the civil war for many reasons but slavery was not the major
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