Why Did Texas Fight In The Civil War Essay

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Blood, death, tears, and shouts, that was life in the Civil War for a soldier. In 1861, the Civil War begun and the states that had once been united were now turning against each other. Texas fought for the South and was the 7th state to join the Confederacy. Texas had a military with about 65,000 Texan soldiers within it and almost a fifth of these fighters perished. Men of all ages were marching off to war in different states, and women and children were left waiting anxiously for their return. Why would anyone want to join? Why did Texans fight in the Civil War? Texans fought the Civil War because they wanted to preserve slavery, they loved their state, and they wanted to protect state’s rights. A reason many Texans joined the war was because they wanted to show their love and support for Texas. Lots of people lived in and enjoyed Texas back in the 1800’s. Texans felt extremely loyal to Texas since it freed a lot of people after the Mexican War. However, it felt like the North was trying to take away some of their rights and privileges and Texans did not like that at all. Texas had previously fought for their independence and they did not want …show more content…

This one was without a doubt the most important reason. The South had a huge success with selling cotton and people often owned huge plantations. The people who owned the farms hired slaves to farm and collect the cotton, that way they could make their cash. (Document A.)The North however wanted to abolish, or get rid of slavery. Fearful of losing their businesses, Texans decided to fight. Southerners believed that the U.S. was made for and by the white race, and that the Africans had no part of their establishment. They believed that slaves were justified by the “..experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the almighty creator.” (Document B.) They did not want to give up their businesses or their beliefs too soon therefore, they

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