Why Did Texas Choose Both Sides In The Civil War Essay

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Texas Chooses Sides in the Civil War 1854, the tension between the slave and non slave states rises. The Kansas-Nebraska act has been passed. The balance of power has been tipped, for the two states were given a choice. They choose to be free, which completely repealed the Missouri Compromise. 1861, the election of 1860 has caused the states to secede. The south couldn’t stand it any longer, and neither could Texas so Texas is now the seventh state to secede knowing their will be many deaths among them. So why did the Texans fight? Well they fought to protect state’s rights, their love of Texas, and to keep slavery. One of the most significant cause was they wanted to protect their state’s rights. A quote from Texas State Gazette says “...no state can force another state either to remain in it or withdraw from it.” (Document C) This statement clearly shows that they want to protect their state’s rights. I am certain that they believe that the Union is being a …show more content…

A belief in the Texas Secession Convention states “We hold as undeniable truth that the governments of the various States … were established exclusively by the white race for themselves and their austerity; that the African race had no (part) in their establishment; that they were rightfully held as an inferior and dependent race…” (Document B) Slavery has been around ever since the government was even established in Texas. Already the Texans have concluded that the Africans had no part in creating the government, so they are held inferior to the white race. With this belief, they probably want it to remain this way so that they can have a exponential production on the fields.The statics show in document a that from 1850 to 1860 the amount of slaves went from 58,161 to 182,566. I believe that they want slavery to continue so the amount of farm work and production done is faster. Overall, slavery was a main cause in why the Texans truly fought in the civil

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