How Did Abraham Lincoln's Impact On America

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Abraham Lincoln’s Impact on America Abraham Lincoln was the United States’ sixteenth president and was born on February 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln’s actions had a prominent influence on America. He fought against slavery, conserved the Union throughout the U.S. Civil War, and he authorized a proposal that chartered the first transcontinental railroad. In 1860, there were disputes about the amount of power the federal government should have over the states, industrialization, and slavery. The Northern and Southern states had extreme hostility towards each other because of differing views on slavery. Eleven Southern states seceded from the Union to establish the Confederate States. These occurrences caused the Civil War. During this chaos, Lincoln was determined to end slavery to help the Northern economy flourish and …show more content…

He ordered 75,00 volunteers when Confederates attacked Fort Sumter and brought about its surrender. Even though he was a Republican, he inspired Democrats to support the Union cause. In 1864, Lincoln got re-elected when Union military successes signaled the war’s end. Regardless of generals not prepared for war, death, battleground obstacles, and assassination threats, Lincoln stayed on the pro-Union side during the Civil War. Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863. This dedicated the battlefield to the dead soldiers. Lincoln wanted the living to finish what the dead soldiers started. Lincoln’s first inaugural address was an appeal to the seven states that seceded from the Union. This was supposed to cause them to return to the nation, preserving the Union. Lincoln’s choice to fight rather than allow Southern states to secede was not caused by his opposition to slavery. He believed it was his obligation as President of the United States to preserve the Union by doing all he was able to do. Lincoln fought extremely hard to preserve the

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