Comparing Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass And Ain T I A Woman

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“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not to themselves”-Abraham Lincoln
The two texts that we read were Narrative life of Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth: Ain’t I A Woman they tell us about their life and what they had to do in order to get their freedom.When there was slavery, it divided people like African Americans and Americans.The people that had freedom were white men and not black men or women.The two texts are similar because they are both slaves that ran away from their masters because they wanted freedom, but they were both fighting for the same thing which is freedom for all slaves.The Civil War was fought to change the ideas about freedom and what it means to be free.

Frederick Douglass tells us how it felt being a slave and what he did in order to get freedom.Frederick tells the white boys to teach him how to read even though they could get in trouble they still taught him.This connects because in that time slaves were forbidden to learn how to read.The reason why Frederick wanted to learn because the books he read were about freedom and rights.This connects because Frederick Douglass soon fought for freedom.He …show more content…

He then told everyone that was there to fight so that everyone has the same rights.This connects because if Abraham Lincoln hadn’t said that no one would have fought.The Civil War tore families apart because of the side that want slaves free and the other that was they don’t want slaves to be free everyone had their own opinion on each side.This war was the one were lots of people died in order for people to get their freedom.Everyone had their own opinion on slavery and one side fought so that slavery wouldn’t end and the other is that everyone gets the same rights and their freedom.This is what tore families because they argue and then they don’t want to see each

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