Civil War Dbq

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There are many reasons why the Civil War had started. The main, the biggest reason the Civil war started was because of slavery. The Southerners were afraid that slavery was going to be put to an end. The Civil war had started because of slavery. The Southerners became afraid that their new president Abraham Lincoln a Republican was going to put an end to slavery. The video states that Abraham Lincoln did not like slavery and he was thinking of ways to get rid of it for good. Another reason slavery was an issue that caused the Civil War was because the Southern states started to secede. Meaning to withdraw from the U.S and that they were no longer a state in the U.S. The Southern states wanted to become their own country. The passage …show more content…

I agree that states had started to secede after he became president but that was because they were afraid of him or anyone else ending slavery. The southerners knew that many people wanted to end slavery and the Southerners would have done anything to stop slavery from ending. The video states, “The Southerners thought that if they moved to the west they could bring slaves and if that didn’t happen then there would be more free states and congress would vote slavery out of the nation” (What Caused the Civil War). This is another reason why the Southerners started breaking away. They knew that once people were going to keep voting for free states, slavery was going to end. The passage states, “Government cannot endure permanently half slave, half free,” and that the public mind must rest in the belief that slavery is in the course of ultimate extinction” (Coates 2). The real reason why the states had started seceding was because they wanted to keep slavery not because Lincoln became president. If Lincoln had not become president then there would have been many other people who would have tried to end slavery and the same thing would have happened. The Civil War started because of slavery being an issue to

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