A Rhetorical Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln's Powerful Speech

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What a powerful speech to give in the midst of thousands watching and listening. To Lincoln the war was inevitable and unavoidable. He makes this very clear to the audience. Lincoln uses repetition throughout using the word “we” to pull the country back together, to make them unite no matter what race. The war was unavoidable, the South needed slaves and the North didn’t do much to stop it. Lincoln mentions “One-eighth of the whole population were colored slaves” he also mentions that the slaves localized in the southern states. Lincoln puts this in his speech to help people understand how the “interest of the salves somehow caused the war.” One of them would make war rather than unite and prestige embracing each other.
Lincoln knew he was not powerful enough to change the fate of the nation so he bestowed the power to God. Everyone was religious and very faithful to God. “Both read the same Bible and Pray to the same God.” God is more than bringing everyone together, God is life, God is meaning. Everybody realizes that there is more to life than fighting and God is the cause of this. Lincoln Takes full advantage of the messages from Scripture. What a powerful meaning they must all believe. Although they
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If we were more triumphant we would accomplish more than if we were commencing and embracing in hastily war. Lincoln did not know if he were to live to see the nations rebuild and reunite, he trusted what was right would be done. The power and firmness in the “right” of God gives us the “right” to see. “We hope.” “We Pray.” We, a very powerful word when used in the right way. Lincoln was deliberately pulling the nation together as one. If we were not “one” who knows what things would have been like in today’s world. He very well may have changed the future for the United States. Lincoln passed away a little over a month after the speech, he fully left the decision in the
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