Reasons Why The Union Couldn T Coexist In The Election Of 1860

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In the mid-nineteenth century conflicts over the institution of slavery caused the Civil War between the North and the South. In the North slavery was viewed as a inhumane act and it violated human rights. In the South it was vital to their economic and social developments. These conflict had to be solved by the government and political figures. The main causes appeared out of the political conflict in the government of the states in the union. The main reasons why the union couldn’t coexist was he Missouri compromise of 1820, the compromise of 1850 and the election of 1860. First of all, when the states were added to the union they thought about the concern whether they would admitted the states with or without slavery. It has questioned …show more content…

This compromise written by Henry Clay, it brought together the states that were divided into a union. It was more of a series of laws than a compromise. Their were five bills that made up the compromise: first California entered the Union as a free state, secondly New Mexico and Utah could decide wether or not slavery was permitted within borders, thirdly the republic of Texas gave up some of land and paid 10 million dollars of debt to Mexico, fourthly slave trade became illegal in the district of colombia and lastly, fugitive slave act was created a law that required all northerners to leave all escaped and free slaves alone in the South. To wrap it all out, this compromise made an impact because it made citizens part of slavery by making them capture the runaway slaves. If a citizen was caught hiding a slave he or she were sent to jail. This is an important cause to the Civil war, because northerners thought it was unfair for them to follow Southern laws. Making the rivalry worst than it was, it delayed the outbreak of the Civil War for a …show more content…

Douglas, John C. Breckinridge and John Bell. The north nominated Stephen A. Douglas, the South nominated John C. Breckinridge, John Bell was nominated by the constitutional union and Abraham Lincoln by the republic. Abraham lincoln won the election with no votes from the nine American States but had 40% of the popular votes. His presidency made southern states seceded apart, making fiver other states following them. When President Buchanan realized what was happening he didn’t know what to do. Following the Critteden compromise created by the senator John J. Critteden which extended the 36˚ 30’ line that forbids the congress from interfering with slavery. But republicans refused to allow slavery in any new territory. As a reaction, the southern states began seizing US arsenal forts, lincoln sent supplies to the fort but south attacked the fort Sumter. This election is important to the beginning of the Civil War because when Lincoln wins it causes the South to leave the Union. It made a clear evident the division of the free North and the slave South. This election was a trigger to the American Civil

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