The Crucible Abigail Williams Reputation Analysis

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Abigail Williams is not your typical teenage girl. She is a girl that will drink blood to kill someone, accuse people of witchcraft, and have a affair. By looking at The Crucible, one can see that Abigail Williams develops the theme of reputation, which is important because people who fear losing their reputation spread hysteria. Protecting her reputation motivates Abigail Williams to accuse others of being a witch. She will say or do anything to cover up the fact that she took a blood charm to kill John Proctor's wife, whom she had affair with. Abigail threatens the girls that she will come “in the black of some terrible night” if they mention what happened to anyone that night (1.1.1244). Abigail Williams will also lie about anything to …show more content…

Abigail and a group of girls went to court and blame 200 people. Abigail went to court, and told them that Elizabeth Proctor was practicing witchcraft, and got her arrested. When John Proctor went to court, the girls pretended that he was the devil. Giles tries to explain to the court how Abigail is pure evil, and trying to get revenge: “Aye, how she is solemn and goes to hang people!” (3.1.875). John Proctor also claims in court that “she only pretended to faint” to try to convince that she is being attacked by witches and devils. Abigail Williams evil actions caused lots of people to suffer. Abigail Williams, a static character does not change by the end of the play because she continues to protect her reputation instead of telling the truth. Throughout the play Abigail choose to continue to lie about the witchcraft instead of telling the truth. She is a static charatcer because she had many chances to stop the trails, and tell the truth. Parris told Danforth that Abigail stole all his money, and got on a ship and left; “tonight I discover my-my strongbox is broke into.” (4.1.207). She ran away the night before the rest of hanging was

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