The Importance Of Honesty In The Crucible

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller has many lessons to learn from. One of The major lesson I thought that is important is honesty. The accusations throughout the story were built on lies from those trying to protect their own name, and putting the town into confusion. Nobody in Salem, Massachusetts felt like they could trust anymore, after all of the false allegations made. If Three characters in the story would have been honest from the beginning, the town would not have been in such confusion. If Abigail, John, and Elizabeth would have been honest to begin with then many innocent people would not have lost their lives and left the town in despair. Abigail Williams lied to many people a during the entire story. In Act 1, Abigail made Reverend Parris believe that she was dismissed from working for the Proctors was due to the fact that “She (Elizabeth) hates me, uncle, she must, for I would not be her slave. It’s a bitter woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman!” (Miller, 140). In this statement, the reality is that Abigail claims “There be no blush about my …show more content…

John did tell the truth, about him and Abigail having an affair, to his wife Elizabeth. When Elizabeth suggests “I think you much tell him (Hale), John.” John did not want to tell the truth to Hale of the affair. When John admits to committing adultery to the court, nobody believes him because he waited so long the court thought it was just an attempt to save himself and Elizabeth from the charges they face. If John, Abigail, and Elizabeth would have been honest instead of lying and keeping secrets, many lives could have been saved. They lied for different reasons, Abigail for greed and her own twisted dreams, John and Elizabeth for keep John's name clean. The lying led to many deaths, and much confusion. I think Arthur Miller was trying to tell us through The Crucible that you should always be honest even if it hurts you or

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