The Role Of Lying In The Crucible

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Lying is the most committed sin. Everyday people lie whether small or big. Every human knows that lying should not be exercised, but sometimes, in certain situations, lying is necessary due to the consequences of telling the truth. In the Bible, James 3:8, quoted is “But no human being can tame the tongue, it is a relentless evil, full of deadly poison.” This quote says that lying happens frequently; no one can resist it. It also says lying is deadly, which is also shown in the Bible within the story of Adam and Eve, when the serpent lies to Eve, convincing her to consume the sacred fruit. In modern society, lying is a common practice. A person may lie protect themselves, or to gain something wanted. This may be due to religious diversity or the decay of respect in society. Lying …show more content…

It shows whoever reads it why lying is a sin. A society or puritans, focused on perfection of religion, is shocked by an occurrence of witches. Witches are the Devil’s evildoers, and should be persecuted at once. Abigal, the drama queen of the play, attempts to kill the wife of the man she loves with witchcraft. They are found, but whenever Abigal and the others attending are being accused, they lie, blaming others of being witches. This starts a spree of lying and blaming which causes multiple innocent people to be hanged for being accused of witchcraft. One lie started a moment in history people today call crazy, unacceptable, and unrepeatable. “The Crucible” is a play that explains, through a crazy but remarkable story, why lying is a sin. In the present, lying could occur more frequently that truth is told. Telling the truth is considered a desirable trait in the twenty first century, while in older times, telling a lie was unimaginable. The reason for trust issues today is caused by the excessive lying committed. Lying is the catalyst to horrible occurrences, even though society acts as if lying is

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