Why We Lie In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Nearly everyone has lied at least once in our lifetime, but for what reason? The concept of lying is nothing new in fact, everyone lies are all very different. Most of time, lie has a motivation behind it. Everyone and even including the characters from “The Crucible” have different reasons for lying depends on their own purpose/goal. The decision to lie isn't without a purpose, it always has a motivation for goal in mind as with the connections between Bhattacharjee’s article “Why We Lie: The Science behind our complicated relationship with the truth” and the characters from “The Crucible”share/support the concept of lying for a purpose.
The concept of lying is very similar to many actions just like when students study with the purpose to pass an exam is the same with lying for a purpose. In the play, Abigail accused Tituba and manipulate others …show more content…

One case, is when Abigail made a scene screaming “like a struck beast, … and, stuck two inches in the flesh of her belly, he draw a needle out” (pg 71-72). Abigail’s scene was a deception itself to frame and get rid of Elizabeth Proctor, her/motivation is clear that she wants to be with John Proctor as her purpose for deception. Even of all Abigail’s lie in the play, each has a different purpose such as for John, power/status, and money. Bhattacharjee’s article explains that “lying is so easy compared to other ways of gaining power” (Bhattacharjee). The idea that lying is easily able to gain power fits with the characteristic of Abigail in the play by her gaining power and more of a trust from Judge Danforth. The connection between the theories of lying and Abigail are both relatable to the idea that lying always has purpose as people/characters such as Abigail whole reason of creating deception was to gain power and her goal John Proctor. Abigail’s type of deception fits into infographic of “personal advantage” is the same as

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