Lack Of Truth In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Our society has faults, whereas no society is perfect. Although some reject the truth behind our societies faults, there are some that confronts these faults. In the play, The Crucible, Arthur Miller, the author of the play, discusses a major fault in our modern society. From the time of the Salem witch trials to today, our society is still guilty of the same fault. When discussing the events from The Crucible to the events from 9/11, many see the truth that lies behind the work. To this, many people are willing to go to great lengths to acquire their desires. The setting in the play, The Crucible, takes place during the events of the Salem witch trials. At the time, many individuals were afraid of witchcraft, whereas numerous people are swept …show more content…

When the Red Scare was taking place, an abundant number of individuals feared the idea of growing communism. Similar to the events in The Crucible, there were those who blatantly pointed fingers to benefit themselves. During the Red Scare, Senator Joseph McCarthy added on to the state of paranoia with dishonest charges against people. During a speech, McCarthy claimed to possess a list of Communist members that work for the U.S government (“McCarthyism”). As a result, many people started to view McCarthy as courageous. During the time, McCarthy wasn’t a well-known senator, to which he used the societies state of paranoia to acquire fame. McCarthy was amongst numerous other people involved in schemes to benefit themselves. To this, the Republicans were involved in these cruel schemes. In attempts to seek power, the Republicans took advantage of the fear that people had. Due to the fact that the Democrats maintained control of the government for countless years, the Republicans tried to hold the Democrats accountable for the growing paranoia (“McCarthyism”). At the time, Republicans exploited this paranoia, whereas they placed the blame on the Democrats to try to sabotage their image and to win the favor of

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