Athletes Dope In Sports

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Alex Rodriguez has been receiving a lot of attention he has been known for his skills on the ball field but recently got caught using steroids.Alex Rodriguez became a home run champ and a three-time MVP during his years with the Texas Rangers New York Yankees until he was suspended for the entire 2014 season for using performance-enhancing drugs.This research will analyze why athletes dope in sports and how it negatively affects the athlete 's health. Is doping in sports bad for your health? While I was doing my research I found “There are many risks such as severe acne,increased risk of tenditis, tendon rupture and high blood pressure”(mayoclinic). All these symptoms show that doping is bad for your health because you can get all of these symptoms if you dope. For an example high blood pressure isn’t good for your health because it can cause heart attacks or strokes when you get older. Tendon rupture is bad because it cause many problems in your walking and it can lead up to something worse such as tendinitis . …show more content…

Many people dope in sports because it improves their performance and they do it so they have a better chance to win. According to my research “ Athletes aren’t just competing against one another they’re in a game with authorities and fans. Incredible performances increase fan interest (outsideonline) .” They mostly do it because they want to impress fans and they want more people to go for them. When you perform in an athletic game you want to do good so many people can see that you’re actually good not just the fans but the important people of the game.They also do it because they want to beat their opponent especially if it’s a very important game. Something positive about doping in sports is the player can have a better chance of winning and the negative thing would be the player getting caught and if they get caught they would have to suffer a consequence which is not playing for a long time or even getting

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