Carla Mooney's Thinking Critically: Performance-Enhancing Drugs

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By allowing professional athletes to use drugs, what message are we sending out to young sports players and those who idolize their sporting heroes? Is the goal to inform them on how to cheat, or how to use your own muscle and blood to win? Performance-Enhancing drugs used by athletes can cause many health problems and create an unfair advantage to other athletes. Many of the performance enhancers used have serious health risk and allow the use of such substances could cause peer pressure to all athletes to consider using them. Athletes dreaming to improve their performance the easy way are often the first you see to start using substances; this places them at risk of the many consequences.
The main problem is while PED’s can improve physical performance in the short-term, they can have serious side effects and long-term health consequences. Carla Mooney 's book Thinking Critically: Performance-Enhancing Drugs, written by Carla Mooney, she says “PED’s can trigger mood and behavioral disorders, increased aggression, and violent behavior known as “roid rage”.” These drugs can provide physical and mental health issues. Also, for “Both men and women …show more content…

The society we can create programs that educate young and/or old athletes about the health risk and the effects of morals of taking these substances. In Illinois High School Association (IHSA), “any student who participates in an IHSA-sponsored or sanctioned athletic event is subject to substance testing.” In Illinois High Schools, their class, sports medicine goes in depth into the effects and laws, including consequences, of using performance-enhancing drugs. The Taylor Hooton Foundation talks to different types of people, not just athletes, to inform about manufacturing standards, and potential dangers of steroids including body in age and self-esteem issues. They bring in athletes who have used these substances, got caught, and how it affected their lives and

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