Ethical Issues In Sports Essay

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Ethical issues in sports Sports in today’s world have gained a lot of importance and there have been a lot of additions to sports in the form of new rules, policies the way it is meant to be played etc. Though many stringent laws are framed, implemented and monitored there are always some sort of issues in the way the sports activities are carried out. Regardless of the level of participation some of the players resort to unethical ways of winning the event. The attitude towards the sportsmanship has changed significantly over the years. This has in turn given rise to the concept of gamesmanship from sportsmanship. The term sportsmanship and gamesmanship vary significantly. The former talks about maintaining and upholding the spirit of the game and also respects it, the latter however only focuses only on winning. A more ethical widely acceptable approach to athletics is sportsmanship. In a sportsmanship model, healthy competition is seen as a means of cultivating personal honour, virtue, and character. It is the way of building trust between competitors and people in a society. The objective in sportsmanship is not simply to win, but to pursue victory with honour by giving one's best effort Sportsmanship is nothing but • playing fair and as honest as possible • following the rules of the game strictly • respecting …show more content…

But this applies to only those who resort to cheating ways. Sports persons always hit the headlines for a lot of controversies like using drugs, playing for two clubs, abusing the fans of other countries or clubs or inappropriate behaviour in the field or breaking the code of conduct and so on and so forth. The problem does not stop here; the sports medicine which the players take is also causing serious debates and discussion. Issues like faking injury, losing intentionally to get a stronger opponent and failing the gender test had also surfaced in the

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