High School Athletes Persuasive Essay

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While some believe that athletes should have their own choice at making a decision to go pro straight out of high school, they should not do so because they will not be able to manage their million dollar contracts respectively. Speaking of contracts, the NBA should eliminate guaranteed contracts for rookies drafted in the first round of the NBA draft. They should do this because a careless high school kid, could just go into the draft not knowing, or caring on how much they are going to make, with the lack of experience on handling millions of dollars. This is very unrepsonsibible for a teenager, and not only for the high school athlete, but also for the basketball association as well. This is because of there noncommitment to have these players …show more content…

That’s why emotional maturity has a huge role of why high schoolers shouldn’t be able to go straight to the NBA after high school. All the freshmen, or high school athletes that became stars or do anything in the NBA league to make themselves successful, there are 10 times more players that don’t make the NBA. This 1-10 ratio is a reality shocker to most high school athletes because they think once they been drafted the hard part is done. Yet they’re wrong that’s only the beginning, there is much more than just being drafted into the NBA. There’s practices, games, off-season practices, charities, and other basketball commitments you have to participate in.. So instead of taking a freshman that has only played for one year or a high school player, take a proven senior that will wanna step into their pro team and have a better career from the years of experience in college. So because of the less quality time with family and friends, having that lack of comfort from being away from home, and having that kid mentality of getting whatever you want and without hardwork and determination. Is without a doubt a part on why high school athletes should not be drafted to the

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