Persuasive Essay On Equal Playing Time

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Should a person get paid just for showing up for there a job and not actually doing anything? Should they also get paid the same amount even if another co-worker is better at their job? Just because someone shows up and participates, doesn’t not mean they deserve the same treatment as everyone else. Some parents and athletes believe equal playing time for all sports and activities is deserved all through their middle school and high school careers. However, earning your position, being undeserving of playing time, and coaches trying to win in their respected program are all issues that need to be thought of before people begin fighting for equal playing time. High school coaches should not be required to give equal playing time to all players who make the team. Kids in society have been handed things their entire life. There has been little to no sense of accomplishment after earning a spot or position on a team. Spots should be earned by being the best at what someone does, not for pitty and for moral victories to make them feel good. “In high school, kids should understand playing time is earned. The best players should get the most playing time, just as the best singers get lead roles in the spring musical…”(Nicholson). A former coach, who has been there and dealt with these kinds of problems, speaks about what he believes in. He has coached previously for 30 years, and every year he has the same problem with kids and parents alike about playing time. However, he goes

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