Persuasive Essay On Pro Athletes Overpaid

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Athletes - Paid for Their Worth Most people think that athletes are overpaid and see huge contracts come out every year. It’s not everyday that an athlete wakes up to a 20 million dollar contract. In fact, they actually worked for it over many years of training and dedication. Pro athletes are paid exactly what they deserve because they work hard and sacrifice more than most people think. It's not just businesses paying them; people do things like buy merchandise, tickets to the games and support their favorite teams while the athlete does the “dirty” work of performing. They are the ones risking their bodies for entertainment of others. In addition pro athletes are often away from family and children while traveling to games and practices. They often don’t get to see …show more content…

They don't only sacrifice family also time they could be out doing better things but for some athletes they love what they do. It's not only businesses paying the athletes, but we the consumers pay for their salaries by paying for tickets to the game. People buy the shoes and shirts and jerseys named after them. Some of that money should go to the athletes. Athletes are also in ads and commercials for more than just the sport they play. For instance, Shaq is in the new icy hot back pain reliever. Pro athletes also get big businesses to sponsor and commercialize their products. Critics argue that in today's society one should be paid according to the job’s economic importance and their value to society. However many government jobs don't make as much as they deserve. Furthermore critics argue that athletes should not be making more that the President of the United States - the one who leads the free world! It seems morally wrong that athletes would be paid more than people who are firefighters, doctors, and police doing more valuable things than playing a game. In the same breath how much is a touchdown a three pointer or a home run

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