Essay On Pro Athletes Overpaid

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Professional athletes are extremely overpaid for the “jobs” that they do. They only entertain for a living and get paid millions of dollars per season. Each sport is different in how they pay their athletes, and the difference in salaries from one player to another can be in the tens of millions of dollars. These athletes are paid for jobs that they only do for a certain number of games and do not even play the games over the course of an entire year. In most professional sports, they play in games for only a few months and then have a few months off. They do practice every day, but is that worth millions of dollars? Most athletes are getting paid ridiculous amounts for short term contracts; for example Odell Beckham Jr is getting paid 25 million dollars a year for five years, and most people are not going to even get close to 2 million dollars in their lifetime. One of the main reasons that ticket prices are so high is that the fans have to pay for the “all star” salaries. I think that the pro leagues should just start to pay their players normal salaries or at least …show more content…

While the athletes just show entertainment to fans. Don 't get me wrong, but paying an athlete $13.5 million for a single year is just really doing the most. There are doctors who are probably saving lives right now that will probably never make that much. Some might say that these pro athletes have spent most of their childhood playing sports, but hasn’t everyone played like one type of game or sport once in their life? I’m not trying to say that I don’t think that they should not get paid at all, but they shouldn’t be getting paid that much. These athletes are really cool to watch. I want to be pro athlete one day myself. It’s that all that money that goes to these athletes could be going to things like people in need or places in

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