Argumentative Essay On Athletes Are Overpaid

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Argumentative Paper : Athletes Are Overpaid Did you know that the highest paid Cubs player will make 19 million dollars, the average pay is 6 million dollars, and the lowest is $417,000. Even the lowest pay is pretty high. Athletes are being paid a ton of money,and it’s getting to be too much. Athletes are overpaid and are very irresponsible and don’t deserve to make what they do. Athletes are way too overpaid and are not responsible enough to handle all their money. To start off, 78% of athletes are either bankrupt or in financial trouble two years into retirement. This is because they will buy anything. These people think that they have an infinite amount of money, but when they suddenly don’t receive that giant check, they’re gone. Next, many …show more content…

Athletes are paid more than very important jobs such as surgeons, teachers, and even the president! Athletes don’t even do very important things, they merely entertain fans in an arena. Do they save lives, educate our future, or run our country? No, they don’t. Finally, an athlete's salary is more than an average American household makes in a whole decade. There could be a policeman with an entire family, and an athlete will make more than them in one paycheck, while that family is making significantly less in 10 years. These reasons prove that more important jobs deserve to get paid more than athletes. Now. some athletes spend their money responsibly. Not all constantly blow their money on things they don’t particularly need. They still have to provide their families with food and clothes and other possible necessities. They also have to pay for their family to do things. If the kids want to play sports, they have to pay for the gear. Lastly, athletes have to pay for bills and food and other necessities. People often forget that they’re normal human beings, and have normal things to do. So, this kind of proves that athletes can spend money

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