Equal Pay For Equality In Sports

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“ No person… shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination” ( Wong). Within sports, many females get discriminated due to being “weak” or less interesting to watch. Some get less pay for having not equal amounts of participation as men do. The main issues are whether or not females and men should receive equal pay grade and whether if one does not participate as much which should they get the same attention. Equal pay grade may determine whether females play just as much as men and participate. Sports should not be based on whether you are more interested in girls or guys sports; it should be based on which sport brings in more revenue and has the most participation…show more content…
This had the greatest impact on females in sports. Its main goal was to spread equal amounts of funding through men and female’s sports. It would try and bring equal revenue into female sports and equal pay for the players and coaches. “Title IX compliance has been driven by lawsuits and threats of lawsuits. Although the law states that schools that violate Title IX will lose their federal funding, in thirty years no school has ever lost federal funding for not complying with Title IX” (Feminist Majority Foundation). Some arguments suggest how it puts down male athletes and their sports, but one statistic states how if a female is involved in a sport she will most likely be paid more than men. "The number of women playing college-level sports today is more than five times as high as it was in 1972. And the number of girls participating in high-school sports today has reached a record high of 3.27 million. About two in five girls participate in high-school varsity sports, according to the Women’s Sports…show more content…
"For example, Duke University pays its men 's basketball coach, Mike Mike Krzyzewski, nearly 10 million per year ; meanwhile Duke pays its women 's basketball coach, Joanne P. McCallie, somewhere in the ballpark of $729,991(Edelman)." This means how men’s basketball coaches have got payed more than female coaches which made females very timid to become a coach. The payment among college coaches is the worst in society. There are less women in athletic director roles than men. "For example, when Rutgers University hired Julie Hermann as its athletic director last year, Hermann became only the second female director in the Big Ten’s conference more than 120 year history

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