Analysis On Why WNBA Athletes Should Be Paid

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Have you ever wondered how large a WNBA salary is, well the WNBA players don’t get paid nearly as much as the NBA players? The amount WNBA players are getting paid compared to NBA players is known as the gender wage gap.The WNBA athletes should be paid as much as the NBA athletes whereas, the WNBA doesn’t pay their players more than 22.8% of their revenue, the difference between the minimum mens salary is $415,593 dollars more than the maximum women salary they are pro athletes too and just they’re women doesn’t mean they should be paid less.
You may have heard of the gender wage gap if you haven't well it is the gap between men and women's salary. This gap is horrific when it comes to the NBA and the WNBA. WNBA players are paid significantly …show more content…

Even though the WNBA is not as popular as the NBA does not mean that the WNBA players should be paid as little as they do. stated that “In 2017 the total amount of salary for WNBA players was $11,775,000 this means that the WNBA paid no more than 22.8% of its revenue to its players.) Two years ago, the same approach was used to estimate that the WNBA players were receiving only 33% of league revenue. So it appears the gender wage gap in professional basketball is worsening”. This is estimated but it is most likely accurate if this is anywhere close the what the WNBA players are making then this is terrible. Why would you pay professional athletes only 22.8% of its revenue, especially being of its worsening? The WNBA needs to fix this fast now that this is horrific the way the female athletes are being …show more content…

These women athletes need to be paid equally as much as men. According to the Women's Sports Foundation, “the minimum salary for a WNBA player was $38,913 and the maximum salary was $109,500 in 2015. In the NBA, the minimum was $525,093 and the maximum salary is $16.407 million”. This means that the difference between the minimum mens salary is $415,593 dollars more than the maximum women salary and they both do the same occupation for a

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