Gender Pay Gap In Sports

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The gap between men and women has always seemed to be prevalent in our world it seems like it. From working wages to basic rights, women always seem to not be considered equal to men. In professional sports, for example, female athletes are paid less than their male counterparts, even if they execute better than them. "I cannot think of any other industry that has such a wage gap, really. Depending on country context and sport, a man can be a billionaire and a woman [in the same discipline] cannot even get a minimum salary" (Beatrice Frey, sport partnership manager at UN Women). Women in sports can compete the same, and sometimes even stronger, as men so their pay should just be as much as them, and the gender pay gap shouldn’t be present. If both sexes play the exact same sport, why do they have different fiscal values? Many female athletes are equally talented compared to men so they should at least get paid the same. “The U.S. women’s team will get a $2 million bonus for winning the FIFA Women 's World Cup. A lot of money to you and me, yes. But to put that in perspective, after Germany won the men’s tournament last year, they earned an extra $35 million” (Mazziota). Why is it that both the male and female teams won the same exact thing, but the women’s team gets so much less? We can also see it happening through golf. “The 2015 U.S. Women 's Open had a total purse of $4.5m and the champion took home $810,000, yet the U.S. Open had a total purse of $10m, and winner

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