Gender Inequality Of Women In American Football

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When was the last time you saw a female American football player in the media? In most cases, the response would be never, due to the lack of women who play American football. American football is associated with masculinity and patriotism. Although Title IX prevents discrimination on the basis of sex, it seems as if American football is an unwritten exception to that law. The media is one of the main reasons to the lack of female football players. American football demonstrates a hegemonic masculinity and the media tends to emphasis that idea. In a greater scale, the media associates sports with men due to its aggressive nature. Women who try to change that perception tend to be given negative media depiction or none at all. In fact, there are female football players and associations but its due to the lack of media depiction, it is unknown. These mentioned ideas are seen in the article, "The Nail Polish underneath the Hockey Gloves" by Kelly Poniatowski, "Examining stereotypical written and photographic reporting on the sports page" by Paul M. Pedersen, and "ESPN 's SportsCenter and Coverage of Women 's Athletics: 'It 's a Boy 's Club '" by Terry Adams. The articles show the gender inequalities between men and women and how media depiction continually emphasize gender stereotypes. I believe the media depicts women in sport negatively due to the gender stereotyping emphasized through the media which can be seen by the inferior depiction of female hockey players in the 2010

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