Essay On Why Women Athletes Should Be Paid

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Why are women in sports being paid less than men? In the past, women didn’t have the same rights as men because they were seen as less than or property. Now women have more opportunities however they are still facing the same problems like with money. Women in sports are not respected as men and it’s happening everywhere around the world. If women are paid the same as men everyone will be equal. However, some could say that wage equality is a bad thing because it will cost too much. Women athletes should be paid the same as men athletes.
If women are paid the same they will be treated the same. “The International Cricket Council funded all the men's teams to fly business class but, only paid for the women’s teams to fly economy class”(Wigmore). The more money that women make, the more respect they will get. Once people begin the first few steps to equality, they will no longer question “What happens when they have equal pay?” Once women are paid fairly they could get better opportunities. The founding fathers believed that all men are created equal so why shouldn’t females have equality. Subsequently, people will treat you at the same level as men. It is believed that in order to have equal wages there will have to be a raise in financial support. Some Universities believe that they will have to increase budgets for …show more content…

In 2007, Wimbledon after many years of protest resulted in equal pay among both female and male athletes. Before then, the U.S. Open was the only tournament that gave equal prize money to both genders. “Records show that equal pay has not hurt Wimbledon, as prize money has nearly doubled in the last five years for men and women.” Some people were sexist to women thinking that their only job was to take care of the family. I believe when it comes to salary women in the WNBA have less money is because some people aren't interested so their money isn’t going high even if they're good at

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