Female Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

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There are many little boys and girls who want to grow up and be professional athletes. They have hopes and dreams and put in the hard work and effort to achieve them. What they do not know is how different their lives are if they make it in this profession. While the men are able to live pretty comfortably, the women usually struggle to make a living, and they most often live with other teammates or family to help split the bills. They are often “forced” to play all year round, even overseas. This pay difference can discourage the girls that want to become professional athletes. Thus, limiting the sports available for women to play and places to play in. Professional female athletes should be paid the same amount as professional male athletes because women should have equal representation and pay as the men, women are just as successful in sports as the men, and the best players are getting paid by foreign leagues to not …show more content…

It is considered to be one of the most competitive tournaments in soccer. It is similar to the Olympics and comes around every four years. The USWNT was the first team to win three times. Their compensation for the hard earned win was $2 million. That seems like a pretty fair amount but when you compare it to the amount the men’s team won, it doesn’t make sense at all. The men had their world cup the year before and the champions, the men’s German team, won a total of $35 million. That’s a pretty big gap between the men and women’s prize winnings. The United States Men’s National Team finished 11th in the competition and received $9 million, and each men’s team that was knocked out in the first round got $8 million. That’s four time more than the women’s championship team(womenssportsfoundation). The women’s World Cup final was the most watched televised soccer event with 25.4 million viewers. The team still got paid about forty times less than the

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