The Pros And Cons Of Title IX

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Title IX is a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. The main objective of this law is to not support sex discrimination with federal money. Though this law was put in place, women continue receiving less source and equipment than men’s sports teams. Some talk about girls dont like to play any sports so why should the boy’s teams get cut because of them. Maybe if we had the good equipment like the boys we’d show more interest. Title IX has improved some of the complications of equality in sports but not all. Is the law being enforced correctly? In the article Title IX Men’s Sport: A False Conflict the unnamed author says, “For every dollar spent on women’s sports, …show more content…

Why can’t women’s sports get two and a half dollars too? Looking at it from a broad perspective, it could really help the girls create more interest in their sports. We deserve better balls, bats, helmets, etc. “$6.4 million, went to football and men’s basketball. Total expenses for all women’s sports in 2010 by over $4 million.” (Sports) That $2.4 million is what’s keeping the girls from participating. A alternative to preserve existing sport opportunities while increasing opportunities for women, “states could assist financially-strapped institutions to increase opportunities for women by providing tuition waivers for female athletes, thus enabling schools to free up scholarship dollars to fund new programs for women.” …show more content…

Writes “Often cited are cuts of men’s sports programs to make room for more women’s teams under the mandate of Title IX.” Barbara Sheehan points out that because of Title IX, guys are having to sit in the “sidelines” because their team is getting cut. A simple solution for this in directly in the law. “ The federal courts of appeals uniformly have rejected legal challenges to Title IX—holding that Title IX in no way requires schools to cut men’s teams, but that schools may choose to structure their athletics programs however they wish as long as they treat men and women equally.” (Sports) If budgets were lowered for some of the teams, everyone can have their team and walk out happy. No one would blame the girls for not wanting to participate and them causing the men’s sports to

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