College Basketball Players Should Be Paid Essay

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Just think your a college basketball player working hard and the top of your team it all good on the court but outside of basketball you are struggling to get money. A starting freshmen in college was tacked so hard in football the he was parlized. A college basketball player has most his or her time practicing for basketball. Most college basketball players have to skip classes for basketball. College basketball player should be paid because they put their bodies at risk, they don’t have money, and they skip classes for basketball.
Basketball players put their bodies risk every time they play. College Athletes pushing their bodies to get the play and “There have been instances of players becoming paralyzed by hits or tackles on football fields or other injuries that have ended player’s careers before they even get started.” (Patterson 2) They get hurt really bad from the hand to a concussion that it can make them out a …show more content…

“they’ll never have any incentive to go to class.”(Lemmons) Maybe, but they are their for the Education and if the do not get good grades they would get in trouble. Some may say college basketball players will take their money use all of it and not use it wisely. That true that why they should go through a financial class. How will they pay them, will it be fair? Each player should get the same amount of money not that much but a enough to get by. In conclusion, College basketball players should take the right steps with money.
College basketball athletes should be paid because they put their bodies at risk at risk, they also don’t have money, and they skip classes. College basketball players basketball work harder than ever to make it to march madness. They workout a lot to stay fit and to play better. Finally, they get into commercials and don’t get any money from it. What will you do to help college athletes who don’t have money like at the

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