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  • Basketball: The Women's National Basketball Association

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    Basketball is mostly recognized as a male dominated sport. The National Basketball Association or NBA, is the leading facet in the sport, basketball. Although the Women 's National Basketball Association or WNBA is equally as important as the NBA, the NBA is more popular. This may be because the WNBA lacks the excitement of dunking and fast tempo gameplay that usually occurs in NBA games. Players such as, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry are publicized over players such as, Brittney Griner

  • Compare And Contrast Wnba Vs Nba

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    debut by gym teacher Dr. James Naismith in 1891 basketball has become a widely popularized team sport for both men and women across the nation. Though enjoyed by both men and women, women have struggled to attain the same respect in the sport as men, even though the women at the University of California had their first extramural game in 1892. The same trend continues in the NBA, National Basketball Association, and WNBA, Women’s National Basketball. The NBA started 70 years ago in 1946 while the

  • Reaction Paper About Basketball

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    Research Paper Basketball is regarded as the ultimate team sport because of how much teamwork is required to win. This sport is played with 2 teams of 5 people each. Both teams try to score more than the other team by putting the ball in the basket more times without fouling or breaking any rules. Basketball is played all over the world, it is one of the most popular sports of its time. Basketball is one of the only sports to be entirely created in the U.S. It is played all the way from middle school

  • Bobby Rigg Analysis

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    (Excerpt)”, “Interestingly, more viewers tuned in for the Women’s Tennis Championship Final at the U.S. Open than the Men’s final.” Goes to show, times are changing, equality is growing, but this is just the beginning of the modification. Each and every year, more and more results are starting to disclose for female athletes. For example, on the day of April 24, 1996, the NBA Board of Governors approved the idea of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), which eventually began during June, 1997

  • Informative Essay: The Definition Of Basketball

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    things about basketball. I’ve found some very interesting things. The first thing i found was an definition. It says “ a game played on a court by two teams who try to throw an inflated ball through a raised goal.” I found this definition on page 51 in the webster’s all-in-one dictionary & thesaurus. I’ve also found websites about basketball. This website called “htto://nbahoops.com/article/history1.html” where it tells me when the first basketball game was played. And the first basketball game was played

  • Basketball's Role In American Society

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    represent certain essential American values and characteristics. While baseball is often regarded as the country’s “national pastime” and American football might have the television ratings to suggest it is the most popular, neither necessarily reflect the principles of American society. In actuality, since 1900, the sport that has best captured the essence of American society is basketball. Both this sport and the country as a whole are based upon individualism, have undergone an extensive period of

  • Model Minority Athletes: A Case Study

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    he past 40 years have witnessed an increase of Asian athletes in American sports. In addition to their low population, earlier Asians lived in an era when racial discrimination and oppression impeded their access into sports (Zhao & Park, 2013). Asians had been discriminated against since the arrival of Chinese immigrants as cheap labor for the railroad and mining industries during the mid-1800s. This discrimination became more obvious during World War II when thousands of mostly Japanese Americans

  • Volleyball Vs Beach Volleyball Essay

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    the weather as an advantage and heavier balls move quicker and can be hit harder. If you want to get serious or at least look serious when you 're playing, buy the yellow-and-white-striped Wilson beach volleyball- this is the official ball of the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP -- aka the pro beach circuit).

  • Essay On Women Participation In Sport

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    “In a recent discussion I had over women’s football, one woman argued that running and jumping in front of men jeopardises a woman’s dignity and that such movements expose too much of a woman’s body”. I have witnessed this decrease myself as a female that has been playing soccer for 13 years and now playing in the women’s team. Only 3 girls in my under 16’s team, which consisted of 14 girls, have continued into the next year of the soccer season with the women’s team. There has been more female junior

  • Essay About Playing Basketball

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    and maybe even girls that happen to play a sport might have that certain goal that they are determined to reach and won't stop until it is achieved. For example, in basketball, whether it may be to make a certain amount of baskets or catching as many passes in one handed during practice. My goal started when I began to play basketball I wanted to be able to dunk, something about the ability to be up so high in the air and slamming the ball into the hoop with such aggression was so mesmerizing. Going

  • Reasons Why Wnba Players Are Underpaid

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    A WNBA player's average salary is 46,000 dollars per year, which if multiplied by five it still doesn’t equal out to the average NBA player’s salary per year. The WNBA is underpaid, but the NBA gets paid more than 5 times the WNBA player’s salary. The problem is that the WNBA should be paid as equally as the NBA. WNBA players get paid a lot less than the NBA players. The WNBA gets paid and average of $46,000 per year, while the NBA gets an average salary of $5 million per year. The NBA gets paid

  • Essay Why WNBA Should Not Be Paid

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    ” (“How Much Money Do WNBA Players Make?”). Women have been playing basketball alongside men since the beginning of basketball. They have played physical and hard games, just like men, but women are still paid incredibly low. Although WNBA players do not draw as large of crowds as men, women who play in the WNBA should be given an increase in the amount they are paid because women can be just as skilled as men who play basketball, and they are not paid enough despite being professional athletes.

  • Analysis On Why WNBA Athletes Should Be Paid

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    mens salary is $415,593 dollars more than the maximum women salary they are pro athletes too and just they’re women doesn’t mean they should be paid less. You may have heard of the gender wage gap if you haven't well it is the gap between men and women's salary. This gap is horrific when it comes to the NBA and the WNBA. WNBA players are paid significantly

  • Book Report On The Pledge

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    fiction book. Chandra has many other books like Spin it like that, Black Girl Dreaming, The Promise and many more. The main characters in The Pledge are Courtland the captain of the cheerleading team and Allen Benson the star player of their boys’ basketball team. Courtland’s Mother, Sister, Father and her aunt Dani are also characters in the book. The setting is Birmingham Alabama some other places is Courtland home and Their school Grover High. The Pledge is a book about a teenage girl trying to find

  • Descriptive Essay About Basketball

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    Each basketball game play is more exciting than the last ! I can see the great potential of my team. I can look back and see the hard work that my teammates and I have done. I realize that when we are playing I need to focus on playing and interacting with the players that are on the court. I can feel the intensity of the games that we play. Each of us on the team feels the pressure that mounts in every quarter. The heat is on and I can see the sweat on all the players faces. I feel it rolling down

  • William G. Morgan's Volleyball

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    public school and working at his father’s boat yard. In 1891 Morgan went to Mt. Hermon Preparatory School in Northfield, Massachusetts, and that is where he made a friend. His new friend was James A. Naismith, who ,oddly enough, was the originator of basketball. Naismith was impressed with

  • Persuasive Essay On Michael Jordan

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    Being a student at Penn State University where Men 's College Basketball is on the rise has opened up my mind on the sport as a whole, both college and professional. Attending nearly all the games has provided a solid foundation for my knowledge on the sport and has allowed me to take part in several heated debates surrounding NBA basketball. The players Penn State fans watch every week: Tony Carr, Shep Garner, Josh Reaves, and Mike Watkins, are all exceptional and talented in their own regard

  • Essay On Concussions

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    It was recess time at Lake Harbor Middle School, and a group of boys were playing basketball. Two of the boys went for the same ball, and they ended up colliding, falling to the ground. On his way down, one of the boys hit his head on the concrete. This caused him to ask a continuous loop of questions for two hours after the initial impact. Now, almost two years later, the boy still does not remember the day he got his first concussion. Stories like this are not uncommon, especially in the physically

  • Michael Jordan Speech

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    Who should the world call the best basketball player of all time ? Most people think Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time because of the impact he made on the game, the growth he has made throughout his basketball career, and fans he has brought to the game. Michael Jordan has made a big impact on the game of basketball. For example when “ Michael Jordan lifted off from the free throw line and handily won the 1988 dunk contest.” Michael Jordan 's famous dunk happened in the 1988

  • Roger Federer Research Paper

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    Intro: “I have never played anyone that fast. He doesn’t have any weaknesses at all. He really deserves to be called the best player of all time.” That is quote by Robin Soderling who faced Roger Federer in the 2009 French Open final. I am going to prove to you that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time. I am going to tell you who Roger Federer is, what he has done, and his stats against others. Body Paragraph 1: Some of you might not know who Roger Federer is. Well Roger Federer