Reasons Why Wnba Players Are Underpaid

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A WNBA player's average salary is 46,000 dollars per year, which if multiplied by five it still doesn’t equal out to the average NBA player’s salary per year. The WNBA is underpaid, but the NBA gets paid more than 5 times the WNBA player’s salary. The problem is that the WNBA should be paid as equally as the NBA. WNBA players get paid a lot less than the NBA players. The WNBA gets paid and average of $46,000 per year, while the NBA gets an average salary of $5 million per year. The NBA gets paid more than five times the WNBA’s players salary. Half of the NBA player's average salary is more than $2.5 million and the NBA’s minimum salary is $473,604. The rookie minimum in the NBA is 490,180, while the WNBA rookie minimum is $37,260. The NBA’s …show more content…

They actually have to work harder to get into the WNBA because there are only 12 teams in the WNBA and 30 teams in the NBA. If there are only twelve teams in the WNBA women have to prove how good they are and then there are only one or two rookie spots open on a team. Each WNBA team has a roster size of 12 players per team, and the NBA has a roster size of 15 players, which 13 can be active each game. When a women gets on a team they have to work just as hard to earn a contract and to keep their spot on a team. The WNBA had the same shooting percentage as the NBA which was (.771.) They have to practice just as hard to to get the same free throw percentage as the nba. The women have to practice just as much as men to get the same shooting …show more content…

The finances of the WNBA’s first years were a struggle to get, mainly because of the attendance to the games and the television ratings. In 2015, the WNBA had a huge drop in television ratings. In 2014, ESPN showed 19 shows, in 2015 ESPN only aired 10. The WNBA players work harder than the men to get on the WNBA because they have less teams and smaller teams in the WNBA. The women may have struggled the first few years but they have improved greatly and have showed that they don’t just give up at the first sight of trouble and that proves that the WNBA should get as paid equally as men on the NBA. Just because they have less attendance and television ratings than the NBA doesn’t mean they should get paid less. Women can be just as good as men and they can get the same average free throw percentage or rebound percentage average as the men if they put their minds to it and

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