Should College Athletes Be Paid Speech

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Have you ever thought about how those hardworking college athletes get through their years attending their University? Well, what if I told you that those athletes can barely get the essentials needed day by day because the scholarships they have received do not cover it and they don 't have any other money to buy it themselves. 

 The debate whether or not College athletes should be paid for their time at the university they attend has been talked about a lot in these past years.Some people think that they should not be paid, but today I’m going to be telling you about why they should be paid. Athletes that are very well known by the fans of the university and or with lots of other people around the world like Lonzo Ball of UCLA, Dillon Brooks of Oregon, Markelle Fultz of Washington, etc. draw in a big crowd which also brings in more money that people pay to watch. When asked, former NBA player and Hall Of Famer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said “It’s a $6 billion a year industry. Last year, CBS and TBS split up a $1 billion just off of March Madness.” In the NBA the average amount of money signed to a player in a contract is at least 5.15 million dollars. With so much money being made these athletes are getting none of this.

 The amount of time the athletes put in in a week of practices is a lot of time out of the student 's day. Division I players on average spend 44.8 hours a week on their sport — playing games, practicing, training and less than 40 hours of their time in spent in the actual classroom.That amount of time is the equivalent to working a full time job.This shows how even though they’re not getting paid they’re working as much to someone who is …show more content…

Imagine yourself in the places of the college athletes that can barely support themselves and some do it for the full 4 years attending the college. In conclusion, I hope that you consider that college athletes should be paid because there are some athletes out there that are struggling while at their

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