Essay On Women Participation In Sport

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Has female participation in sport changed over time? I believe that female participation has increased over time and will continue to increase. Female participation in sport has drastically changed over the years. The first ancient Olympics Games was held in 776 BC and the first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens in 1896, however, women were only allowed to start participating in 1900 1. Since then, womens participation has gradually increased, but it is still not equal to male participation in sport. This imbalance of the way females and males are treated within all levels of sport is a topic in society which needs to be discussed more frequently. This topic was chosen as it closely relates to mine own life and I wish to find out the …show more content…

An example is Muslims, as they face many barriers to participate in sport and exercise, with things such as hijab bans, poverty and religious intolerance. According to an article by Fatima Fakier in 2016, the biggest barrier originates from their own community. In Muslim culture, the belief that women participating in public is unacceptable, stemming from the desire to protect their modesty. Fatima Fakier quotes, “In a recent discussion I had over women’s football, one woman argued that running and jumping in front of men jeopardises a woman’s dignity and that such movements expose too much of a woman’s body”. I have witnessed this decrease myself as a female that has been playing soccer for 13 years and now playing in the women’s team. Only 3 girls in my under 16’s team, which consisted of 14 girls, have continued into the next year of the soccer season with the women’s team. There has been more female junior programs to increase females to play sport, but numbers still seem to be dropping in adolescents. So has female participation rates increased? In an overall scheme of things, yes, but throughout the last few years the the masses of technology being introduced, then it it

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