My Goal: How I Learned To Play Basketball

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Some guys and maybe even girls that happen to play a sport might have that certain goal that they are determined to reach and won't stop until it is achieved. For example, in basketball, whether it may be to make a certain amount of baskets or catching as many passes in one handed during practice. My goal started when I began to play basketball I wanted to be able to dunk, something about the ability to be up so high in the air and slamming the ball into the hoop with such aggression was so mesmerizing. Going to open gyms and not seeing alot of people with the ability to dunk the ball would give me that sense of relieve that soon I’ll be the only one to dunk the ball and everybody would look in awe. Took me to the end of my sophomore year to …show more content…

But this journey still ways to go. My goal was getting brighter and brighter like the end of a dark tunnel I saw my goal so close but yet so far not being able to grasp it and pull it in within in my reach. During my junior year is when I noticed dunking was beginning to get easier and I didnt have to put as much effort in. I still wasn't were I wanted to be I was getting high enough to slam the ball with aggression I wanted to, my drive to the basket with intention to slam it was not there yet. Until my senior year which is when I began to notice the difference when I drive to the basket, I realized that little over a month or two ago when I was at open gym. My friends and I were running a game against some people there who wanted to run (play a game), we got our five and they got theirs. This one tall white boy that was approximately 6’4 started to post my up and he would do this little basic spin that I would block most of the time and I noticed him getting a little mad so I started to trash talk a bit to him and the little flame within my to start to spark a bit, my aggression started to present itself to my and I loved the feeling. The next play he is guarding my I’m looking him straight in his eyes I start to dribble up the

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