Personal Narrative: A Day In My Life Of Basketball

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I cannot recall a day in my life when I have not heard the sound of a bouncing ball; as I grew up eating and breathing basketball, or ever since, I started rolling my dad’s tube sock and shooting an imaginary shot against the wall. My heart fell in love with the winning, the competition, and the adrenaline of the basketball game. “It was reminiscing when I was a youngster; I was strolling around the Smith Park with a basketball in my hand and wearing a gold/purple Kobe Bryant’s jersey until I espied a compelling teenager playing basketball with tight handles, and great athleticism on the opposite side of the court. Whereupon, I pondered about my future and his inspiration for me that I will be a professional basketball player in the NBA and …show more content…

” I’ve seen your skills Mr. Payton; it was amazing! May you teach me? I want to be like you, NBA player, All-star player, Rookie of the year, MVP and win a championship?“ I said eagerly. He looked at me mockingly. ” Nah,“ he replied. ” It’s too bad for you, forget about it little chicken, you can’t be as good as anyone in this court, wake up little kid you ’ll always be a loser,“ He said, and derided at me, regardless of my feelings. I had lost all my hope and expectation of him. After the incident, I sprinted back to my house, back into my room and sat down beside my ball, then a teardrop rolled by my cheek. ” Is this a nightmare? “ I said with a tearful …show more content…

Moreover, I ran up and down every court after every loose ball and never let it go. I could not believe that I had forgotten the pleasure that I had with this ball.” Without you, I can’t survive,“ I said calmly while I fall asleep with embraced the ball with both hands. Since then, I had determined my dream that no matter what, I will be in the NBA player and prove Mr. Jonathan that I can be better, more athletic, and eligible to be a part of the greatest basketball league. The next day, I showed up at the Smith Park with my ball and the same NBA jersey. I met a 6’11 person. He proposed to be my coach and be willing to teach me about the game. I asked for his name and he said, “just call me coach Jack”. He wanted to teach me about basketball’s earnestness, and determination. He was so eager to teach me about the game because of his son that passed away this winter. Therefore, he wanted to convey his son’s passion for basketball by coaching

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