Travel Team Character Analysis

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Shortness Is A “Weakness”
The book I am reading is Travel Team, by Mike Lupica. I really have enjoyed this book so far because it’s about the sport I love, which is why I keep reading it. It’s about a kid named Danny Walker who is mainly known for his shortness, but that doesn’t stop him. He may be the tiniest kid on the court, but he plays just as good as the 6 foot post on his team. Danny loves basketball and every time he steps out on that court, he plays with his whole heart. Nobody or nothing can take that away from him. He would do anything to play on the “all-star” basketball traveling team, but his dreams are crushed when he doesn’t make the team because he is supposedly too short. I find the relationship between Danny and his father very interesting. His parents are divorced so he doesn’t see his dad very often, but if …show more content…

He would do anything just to dribble a basketball. After reading just a part of this book, you will see how much Danny is dedicated and wants to go somewhere in life with his talent. He knows his strongest talent is his passing and since he knows he is the shortest boy, he uses that talent to be extraordinary. No one can stop him on or off the court. Danny is always the first one to the gym and the last one to leave, which shows how much he loves this sport. No matter his size, he was always be the one putting in the most effort and work. All in all, in the book Travel Team, by Mike Lupica, Danny is an unstoppable kid who is in love with the game of basketball and nothing can stop him. No one can crush his dreams nor his confidence. Danny proved that just because of your size, doesn’t mean you can’t be the best. His dedication proves that he is willing to sacrifice anything, which many people should learn from. Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you just stop and give up, you try harder the next time to accomplish your dreams and it could lead you to a successful

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