The Road To Winter Character Analysis

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Mark Smith the author of “The Road to Winter” exhibits that in times of affliction brings out the very finest and least in people. The content is centred around the main character Finn. He remained alive through a pernicious virus that wiped out his entire town and has had to adapt to a life by himself since he lost his family and friends. He learnt to kill animals, defend himself and a whole lot more. Out of the blue a mystery girl shows up with a secret that changed Finns terrene. Smith examines the concept that in times of affliction people can become different in the consecutive ways. People ransacking the general store, Willow being in the hospitality of Kas and Finn and Ken Butlers murder. Exposure to a pernicious virus can turn a…show more content…
When Kas and Rose lived with Ramage, they were sold off to farmers as labourers. A man who was friends with Stan. He told Ramage that he needed two workers and he paid a lot of money for Rose and Kas. He told Ramage that he would have them back by tonight. Little did Ramage know that Ken Butler [ Stan’s Friend ] would help the girls escape. Ken acted in a kind way to the girls in a time of menace. ‘ Ken took us across the road to the old hotel. He said he would help us get away from Longley, said we should travel south ( Page 48 ).’ A little later on Ramage found out what happened and murdered Ken. He dragged his body (by rope) behind his motorbike to where Rose was. Ramage acted upon the situation in a loathsome way. ‘ It was... Ramage. He was dragging something behind the trailbike, something heavy, attached by a rope... It was Ken Butler. Most of his clothes had been torn off and his body raw with blood. But I knew it was him; I could still make out his big white beard ( Page 53 ).’ In times of menace and distress people can act in ghastly and admirable ways and do things that will not be forgotten, wether that’s good or…show more content…
Mark Smith has identified this issue through his book ‘ The Road to Winter,’ in the following ways; The people of Angworie ransacking Jim Sackvilles general store. They lost their awareness of others and injured Finns father. They continued to fight and take all stock that was available. Finn and Kas becoming more mature and sophisticated when Willow was put under their care. When Ramage found the village Willow was nit safe anymore so Harry put sent her away with Kas and Finn. They [ Kas and Finn ] had to step up and act like parents. They had to feed her, keep her safe and secure. Finally when Ramage murdered Ken Butler. When things didn’t go Ramages way he took action and did the worst thing possible. After helping out an old friend family, Ken Butler was brutally murdered. In his book Mark Smith asked his audience the question, will we have a different personality and outlook on life if we were forced to live in dangersome
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