The Road To Winter Character Analysis Essay

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Mark Smith the author of “The Road to Winter” displays that affliction brings out the very finest and least in people. The story is centred the main character Finn. He survived a deadly virus that wiped out his entire town and he has to adapt to a life by himself. Finn lost his family and friends and had to survive on his own. He learnt to kill animals, defend himself and a whole lot more. Suddenly a mystery girl shows up with a secret that changed Finns world. Smith explores the idea that in times of affliction people can become different in the following ways. People ransacking the general store, The villagers not allowing Finn to leave for selfish reasons, Willow being in the care of Kas and Finn and Ramage taking Hope after the death of Rose. Exposure to a deadly virus can turn a town into narcissists. When the people of Angworie decide to ransack the general store owned by Jim Sackville, they threw things and pushed one another. This shows that in a tough situation peoples personalities change and they become un-aware of others. People become self obsessed at this point. Finn explained ‘ I heard …show more content…

When Ramage found Harrys village Finn was given Willow ( Harry Daughter ) to take back home and look after. Willow was very upset and distressed and when this happened and Finn stood up to the plate and made sure that he comforted Willow and kept her happy. ‘ I have to find Kas, but I've got Willow to look after now, too ( Page 146 ) ’. Kas also helped comfort Willow in her time of need. She acts in a motherly and protective way. ‘ Kas sits down and takes Willow in her arms. “ Its okay “ she says “ We’re going to be okay. Well get you somewhere safe, away from the bad men, then we’ll wait there for your mum and dad. But you’ve got to be strong for us, do you understand?” ‘ This proves that the average person can step up to the plate and become the person that is need in that

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