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Accomplice In Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan Chloe and Finn fake the disappearance of Chole by hiding her in Finn’s grandma 's basement. They fake the disappearance so they will have something to put on their college applications. The theme of this story is the truth will always come out. No matter how hard you try to hide it, right when you think everything is over the truth will come out. In the beginning of the book when Chloe and Finn first start to fake the disappearance, Finn has to go to school and gets questioned by the police and everyone starts asking her if she knows where Chloe is, she realizes that it’s not going to be as easy as they thought. Finn sneaks out to her grandma 's house one night to see Chloe to say that it 's not too early to call everything off and how everyone will forgive them for what they did. The text says “I thought about sneaking to my grandma’s house, but what would I do then? Convince Chloe to call it off” (p.41)? Things keep getting harder for Finn. It 's hard for her to see Chloe 's mom sit there and worry, it 's hard for Finn just to sit there and watch the city drain the lake looking for chloe 's body when she knows they aren 't going to find anything. Finn sneaks off to her grandma’s house and tells Chloe “Chloe, we need to end this now. …show more content…

In the end of the book when it 's all over, when chloe has been found, after the Lila Ann Price shows comes out and hears the whole story, after Chloe and Finn drift arprt and aren 't really friends anymore, and most importantly when Finn realizes that Chloe set Dean West up. Finn decides that she can’t live her life when she is just living a lie so she calls the Lila Ann Price show back to tell the truth. Finn says “‘ This is Finley Jacobs calling. Please tell Mr. Cogan I have an update on the Chloe Marie Caffrey case.” I paused, made myself breathe. And then, because she hadn 't said anything, I added, “You can tell him it 's an exclusive.” And that was it. She put me right

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