Heroic Journey In Andrew Smith's 100 Hundred Sideways Miles

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Heroic Journey The book that was read was Andrew Smith’s “100 Hundred Sideways Miles”. This book describes the journey of Finn Easton, an epileptic teenager, and his struggles. The Heroic Journey is a pattern of narratives that tends to show up in stories and myths. It is seen in this book through Finn’s internal struggles trying to find meaning in life outside of his father’s book which had incorporated characteristics of him. The book 100 Sideways Miles best represents the Hero's Journey through the elements of refusal of the call, meeting the mentor, and resurrection. One aspect of the Hero's Journey shown in this book is the refusal of the call. The underlying issue in this book is that Finn cannot find his identity outside of his father’s book “The Lazarus Door”. After Julia Bishop, a girl that had just recently moved into Finn’s neighborhood, had seen him after one of his epileptic episodes, he “...backed away from the railing and shut himself inside his bedroom.” (pg. 60) After this particular episode of …show more content…

The final test for Finn occurs on his journey to visit Dunston University in the state of Oklahoma. On his way there, Finn and Cade saved a man and his son’s life from drowning in a river. Finn even says that the governor came to their school to “present Cade Hernandez and me with official commendations for being such heroes and saving two peoples (and one dog’s) lives in Oklahoma (pg. 275). This event causes Cade and Finn to rethink their trip to Dunston University and instead causes them to visit Julia Bishop in her home at Chicago. This detour must be made before Finn returns home because he loves Julia and was devastated when she moved back to Chicago. This ended up being well worth it when “I [Finn] stepped out of the book and into Julia’s arms” (pg. 273). This last meeting with Julia fulfilled him and Finn was able to return home without any

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