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In “Fastbreak” by Mike Lupica, Jayson faces many struggles in poverty. Jayson has no money and he is all alone until he gets caught stealing. Now Jayson lives on the rich side of town with new people. Through the stories hardships when Jayson moved to the rich side of town, to him living with new people, and he has a new team and a new school to get used too. Mike
Lupica is expressing the idea that changing is hard but can be rewarding.

Throughout the novel there are many times of change, one of them is when Jayson lost his mom and then he moved to the rich side of town. Jayson needed new shoes for basketball so he stole some shoes from a Footlocker in Percy but he got caught on his way out. After this he got adopted by a rich …show more content…

“Cameron’s hand, which was all up in his grill now, brushed against the side of his head, a clear foul. But coach didn’t blow his whistle. So Jayson decided that if Cameron could get away with it, he would play aggressively. Trying to get some extra room to shoot, he threw a quick elbow that hit Cameron square in the face.” With this new team Jayson is frustrated with his coach and teammates trying to push their buttons to see when they will break. Jayson is not used to playing conservative so he always goes 110% no matter if it's a game or practice.Now that Jayson and his team have played for awhile they have gotten better. They’ve also gotten to know each other better so they’ve been on a hot streak. After this Jayson started to see his team’s potential after their win against Karsten and he really thinks they could make it to Cameron Indoor. When Jayson moves to a new team it is hard on him because he has a new group of guys to play with when he just on a better team.

Mike Lupica uses Jayson to show readers that changing is hard but eventually is rewarding. A day after basketball practice Jayson gets on a bus and rides to Percy and goes to footlocker and tries to steal a pair of shoes. Jayson showed courage and anguish after he stole the pair of shoes. It is courageous to steal a pair of shoes but is it worth it to give up the life you had before for a pair of shoes? Jayson showed that basketball is truly important to him, but maybe if it was not as important he wouldn't have gotten caught and he could be playing with his old team

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