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Unbroken is the best word that can be used to describe Louie Zamperini. In the book Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, there are three other adjectives that can be used to describe Louie Zamperini, the main character. These adjectives are determined, compassionate, and defiant. These attributes can be proven through not only Louie’s actions, but his thoughts as well. These are the three different characteristics of Louie.

Determination is something displayed by Louie Zamperini all throughout the novel, from his career as an athlete to his journey in the Japanese prison camps. One part in this book where Louie shows he is determined is when he strives to go to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Instead of trying out for the mile event, he starts training …show more content…

One event in which Louie shows his defiance is in childhood, where he is shown as being rebellious, incorrigible, and troublesome. In the book, it says, “to get even with a railcar conductor who wouldn’t stop for him, Louie greased the rails...when a teacher made him stand in a corner for spitballing, he deflated her car with toothpicks.” (pg. 7) This shows defiance because Louie never followed the rules and was always seeking revenge, proving that he is defiant. Another part in the book where Louie shows this trait is when he finishes running the 5,000 meter race at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. “Studying the building, Louie spotted a small Nazi flag near the doors...it would make a swell souvenir, and it looked easy to reach...taking one last lunge for the flag, Louie snagged the edge and fell to the pavement, tearing the banner down with him, then scrambled to his feet and ran like mad...the Germans gave him the flag and let him go.” (pg. 37) This proves Louie is defiant because he stole the flag with complete disregard for authority, behavior that can be described as defiant. That is how Louie is defiant in Unbroken.

All in all, the life of Louie Zamperini portrayed in the novel Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, clearly illustrates Louie as being determined, compassionate, and defiant. These attributes are what made him such an incorrigible child, a prodigious athlete and what kept him alive in his journey through World War II. These personality traits and the story of Louie’s life are the true meanings of the word

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