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Louie Zamperini went through more pain and suffering than most people will ever endure in their entire life. In the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Louis Zamperini was an Olympic runner. He was drafted during World War II . During the war, his plane crashed in the middle of the ocean and he was stranded with little resources to survive. This book follows his incredible story battling starvation and abuse in Prisoner of War camps (POW). The suffering he went through ultimately led him to his newfound faith. During Louie 's time on the life raft and in the POW camps he suffered an unbelievable amount of pain and desperation, but out of that suffering came faith. Louie was an Olympic runner one day and the next he was drafted into the war. Louie endured an unimaginable amount of pain while …show more content…

“Louie and Phil took turns leading prayers each night.” (Hillenbrand 156) They prayed a lot during the time on the raft. Which let them survive until they were found by the Japanese. No one had survived that long in the middle of the Ocean before. It was an act of God that allowed them to survive. After the war was over Louie 's life changed forever. He was a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. After the war was over Louie 's faith did not stop. He was excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity God had given him for his life. Louie started a camp for boys named “Victory Boys camp”. He would take boys who had been in prison or juvenile school and be a mentor and attempt to put them down the right path for their life. He also spoke of the free gift God gives to everyone of eternal life. “He went easy on Christianity, but laid it before them as an option. Some were convinced, some not, but either way, boys who arrived at Victory as ruffians often left it renewed and reformed.” (Hillenbrand 390). Louie never stopped believing in God and he spread God 's message wherever he

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