Resilience In Unbroken

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Being resilient in tough situations can be substantial in some cases. To be resilient means one has great wit, especially in a 'finding a way out ' scenario. It can even be the key to survival, as can be shown in a short excerpt from Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. It gives a great example of resilience based off of a situation that Louie Zamperini finds himself and crew in as their plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. What characteristic is most important in helping Louie survive? Well, once one reads the excerpt, they can be given a great feeling of being a problem solver, or for short definition, skillful. To be skillful is very similar to being resilient, but it comes more into fact of being related to past experiences and knowing of …show more content…

The first example of why being skillful is so important in cases of resilience in Unbroken can be noticed when once the plane crashes into the ocean, Louie immediately puts his wits into action. Highlighted in the text: "Louie knew he had to get Phil 's bleeding stopped, but if he went to him, the raft would be lost and all of them would perish. He swam for the raft" (Hillenbrand 3). Louie backtracked and thought about the situations that could be thrown at him for each movement he made. He ended up using his natural instinct which was to save his whole crew over a bleeding cut. The fact that Louie is throwing himself into being the leader of the tough situation and using his mental skill to comprehend ideas which could lead to a different fate shows how skillful he really is. As can also be seen in the text: "He snatched the cord, reeled the raft to him, and climbed aboard. He rowed to Phil and Mac" (Hillenbrand 4, 5). This also shows how important skillfulness is due to the fact that Louie found his solution to a problem and put it in action. Luckily, it can be shown in his natural instinct to do this sort of idea-thinking process. Louie having skillfulness pushes along the story due to the fact that it is such an important key role in the story because of how he finds solutions to

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